Nelle Frances

I have a background in Special Needs education with over 16 years experience working with kids on the Autistic Spectrum. But it’s my life experiences both as the parent of an autistic son, and as the daughter of an autistic dad that gifts me with my passion for advocacy.

My focus is sensory-driven behaviour, and my philosophy is that for autistic individuals all behaviour is initiated by sensory demand.

For the past 15 years I’ve been an Autism Education Consultant, working with autistic people of all ages and life stages, while also delivering my Sensory Detective® Workshop both nationally and internationally.

Nelle Frances Sensory Detective Workshop from Nelle Frances on Vimeo.

I’ve applied my knowledge and experience to create many books and programs for children and adults on the autism spectrum:-

Being a parent I understand how essential it is to have access to sound advice and evidence-based supports, especially in the early days after diagnosis, when you’re struggling to make the clinical diagnosis fit the actual picture of your child.

I empathise with, and understand the many concerns that parents have about their children’s behaviours. I focus on the strengths and abilities of the clients I work with, encouraging them to discover their individual talents and interests, and to experience success.  

I work with an emphasis on positively influencing the behaviours of autistic individuals, with a focus on self-monitoring, self-managing and self-regulation of their sensory state. I believe that in order to provide equitable support to autistic individuals we must collaborate with them on all support strategies, therapy and health care plans, from an early age.

I support families holistically towards a positive pathway forward that best fits with their family dynamic, and I strive to empower them to feel in control of their choices and options, as they learn about autism.

I’m really passionate about changing the perception of Autism Spectrum from being a behavioural condition, to a neuro-biological condition, that impacts brain processes, gastro-intestinal and immune system functioning.

I believe that raising awareness and educating others is the only way to effect real and lasting change in the lives of those with Autism.